Where does your solution stand?

Yesterday, the turn of the millennium evolved the technological space, bringing the electronic age, moving people from a paper to computers and mobiles.

Today, yesterdays systems have evolved, many times apatchwork to an old system, to address problems that people face today.

Tomorrow companies need a paradigm change in the way we look at solutions. Visionary companies are already making systems that are easier to use, more efficient, more automated, and humane; fit for tomorrows’s needs. We deliver tomorrows technology today. Where does your solution stand?

Our intelligent, efficient and advanced solution

Our solution focuses on events and takes an "Event driven" approach to data collection and reporting. Our solution is a simple yet powerful tool that allows users to collect and report any of the following: Citations, Accidents, Tows, DUIs, Arrests, Bookings, FIs & Crime reports/forms.

Our research surfaced issues and (that introduced negative factors: inefficiency, complexity, dependency, reliability and expandability) present in the current system(s) that we addressed at the root level.

Acquiring our solution requires a Licensing and Maintenance agreement. Software licensing is available at no cost to law enforcement agencies (DOT, DMV, PD’s, OTS, etc); Software maintenance agreement costs vary.


Online product presentations that showcase our solution(s) are available.

Please send us an email at introducing yourself and we shall return the favor with a link to our product demo site.”

Logo Story

A logo creates a bond between a graphical element and a company. We decided to use that to its full potential and incorporate TRAFREC's spirit and what the company means to us into our logo.

TRAFREC is a solid, strong, reliable company that is also very dynamic. We choose to use colors mainly to communicate trust and agility, and we used shapes that communicate TRAFREC’s intelligent approach and related elements.

An array of structured data

We used a grid to represents an array of structured elements that are linked, the dots represents data elements. These dots come to life with the help of color and size. Color and size are the intelligent elements: they arrange themselves dynamically to shape the letter "T", the initial of TRAFREC.

Fibonacci's grid

The grid and dots were sized according to the Fibonacci’s series (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ...), do the exact, the numbers 3, 5, 8 and 13. Red dots shaping a T, surrounded by blue dots, representing the obvious divide that not all data elements are alike.

Red dots shaping a T, sorrounded by blue dots.

We choose colors and style that represent our qualities:
Red: Dynamic, strength and innovation
Blue: Solidity, reliability and security

Some perspective and shadow added to TRAFREC's logo

The shadowing emphasis our down to earth solid values.